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ツキ カミ チョウ



 TUKIKAMICHO Co., Ltd is a company based in Tokyo Sumida-ku and was established in May 2020. TUKIKAMICYO Co., Ltd. is a company involved in the cultural industry, real estate related industries, leasing and hotel operation.Its main business includes the creation of illustrations of comic design, production of logos, brochures, posters and other projects for other societies, It also deals with import and export of cultural industry related products such as animation, comic books and novels.

 The founders and employees of the company are following the cultural trend of the younger generation, which are familiar with the popular trend of the cultural industry. With this they can follow the trend to make products conform to the current mainstream aesthetic, they can also make their own style, not only to meet the needs of the market, but also to retain their own requirements.


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